5FW Cardboard Corner: Reviewing 2012-13 Score Hockey — With Autograph Giveaway

Big thanks to Tracy Hackler of Panini America for sending over a couple boxes of hockey cards for us to review here at 5FW.  The first giveaway of 2011-12 Panini Titanium was very successful — I was pretty surprised at how many e-mails I got from people — so hopefully there’s the same level of interest in 2012-13 Score as well.

Score is Panini’s basic, pretty bare-bones product…but while it’s easily overlooked, it’s rather evident that it shouldn’t be.  It’s a very inexpensive product with a big base set to collect; and the inclusion of various subsets, rookies and the integration of legends make it worth taking a look at.  And it’s not like Score is entirely hit-free, signed rookies come approximately one per case…and you’ll see we got very lucky in our box.

To me, Score is the perfect product if your son or daughter is getting interested in collecting.  While it’s certainly not a product that’s themed towards kids by any means — as, say, Collectors Choice was back in the day — it is, as I said, an inexpensive way to get nice cards of their favorite players, as well as the potential for a hit as well.

A look at various inserts, a gold parallel and the base card design of 2012-13 Score Hockey

The design of the base cards is exactly what I would want were I doing it myself.  A bordered card with a full action photo…no photoshop work to put a background behind a player, etc.  Just a focus on good and/or interesting action photography just like it should be. 

There are a handful of inserts in the product, but nothing particularly mindblowing or noteworthy that’s actually attainable other than the rookie autographs.  There is a gold parallel card in every pack, and the value in those is primarily in the rookies, which are also featured in the set.  The “Net Cam” and “First Goal” inserts were particularly of interest to me…the Net Cam cards feature great photography from inside the net of the top goalies around the league, while the First Goal cards commemmorate a player’s first time lighting the lamp in the NHL.  The “Team Score” inserts are also interesting, with the photography mimicking that used in the famous Bo Jackson shot.

We did hit a Hot Rookies autograph of Carter Ashton, which will be the giveaway at the end of this post…stay tuned for details on that.  I think my only complaint on that card and any of the other inserts is that they aren’t numbered…which, given what must be a massive print run for this product, is somewhat understandable, but I’d still like to see that on a tougher hit like a rookie autograph, even if it is well into the triple digits.

As long as you’re going into opening a box of Score realizing it isn’t a hit-heavy product, then it’s worth your while.  At a very inexpensive price point, and with a good amount of rookies in every box, 2012-13 Score Hockey is a solid buy for the money.

What else would be good for the money would be a free Carter Ashton rookie autograph, and here’s how to win that, courtesy of 5FW and Panini…just send an e-mail through October 31,2012 to my e-mail address (mashmore98 AT gmail.com) with the subject 5FW Cardboard Corner Contest and I’ll randomly pick a winner through an online randomizer and either send the card to you or give it to you at the arena in Trenton if you’re local and at a game.

If anyone wants to watch the video of me opening the box and reviewing the contents, that video is available on my YouTube account…but it’s pretty clear I didn’t hide the big hit from anybody.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


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