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5FW Post-Game: Quinnipiac 3, Princeton 0

December 9, 2012

If you read my game story in today’s Trentonian, you can see that there weren’t a whole lot of positives to take from Princeton’s 3-0 defeat at the hands of Quinnipiac on Saturday afternoon.  Tigers head coach Bob Prier was, however, surprisingly upbeat after the loss, which was the second straight defeat in the home and home series.

As I told Bobcats goalie Eric Hartzell after the game, I came out in large part hoping to see him play, and…well, I didn’t get to see him do too much.  He stopped all 18 shots he faced, but was never truly tested thanks in large part to a defensive core that shut down the Tigers for the majority of the contest.

I’m working on a separate story on Hartzell, but I did want to pass along Prier’s comments after the game that you didn’t see in the paper…

“(I was happy with a scoreless first) especially given the fact that they had three power plays.  I thought we had a really good first period at home.  That was as physical as we’ve played all year, and when you have a guy like Andrew Ammon out, who’s really your energy guy and your tough kid…other guys stepped up…(Quinnipiac) is a very good team to come into our building and shut us out for the first time this year and beat us, 3-0.”

“I was happy with the way a lot of the guys played.  I thought Tom Kroshus stepped it up big time this whole weekend, his development just went through the roof.  He’ll have some confidence going into the second half.  It was nice to see Kevin Liss, he looked like a man amongst boys and it’s his second ever college game.  It was nice to see how tough he was and how he hard he played.  Eric Carlson had a great weekend, he was just as physical out there yesterday and played really hard today.  He got our goal out there yesterday and he probably deserved one or two tonight by how hard he played, so there’s some positives there.”

“As far as things to work on, I think systematically, we’re getting there.  Our systems are so simple.  The biggest thing we’ve got to work on is not turning the puck over at zone entry.  You look at a team like Quinnipiac that’s 8-0 and they don’t do it.  They’re skilled, they love to make plays, but they don’t turn the puck over entering the zone.  That’s an emphasis for us, we turned it over seven times tonight entering the zone.  What it leads to is a momentum swing — you get caught in your own zone for a while, they get that odd-man break.  We’ve got to get a lot more responsible with the puck in those areas.  Guys should watch a lot of video and get some confidence and move their feet.  We scored a lot of goals in the first half, and we’ve got to learn how to keep them out of our net.  We’ve had a decent first half, and there’s lots to build on once we get our depth back; guys like Ammon, Ambrosia and Ford and Brockett and Liau.  It’s not like we have to go back to go back to the drawing board or anything, we just have to improve on the way that we play.  It’s more just the individual turnovers at lines that we’ve got to sharpen up and making sure that we’re staying inside our checks defensively.  It’s the fundamental things.”

“We played way better tonight than last night.  Part of that is you’re at home, and you have such an advantage when you’re at home.  We had a far stronger game tonight than we did last night.  Last night, we had a decent start and then they took it to us pretty good, they had the puck quite a bit for the second half of the game.  Out here, I thought we played much better than we did last night, so it was a big improvement.  I thought we were more physical, we played with more emotion, we played with more energy.  It was good to see.”

“(Condon’s) been great all year, he’s been great.  There’s just got to be some healthy competition back there still.  Sean Bonar is a proven elite goaltender at this level.  It was more just that there’s no complacency back there, we’ve got to be focused all the time.  They’re both very good goalies, and it’s going to be competitive, as it is for everyone.”

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5FW Game Coverage: (13) Quinnipiac at Princeton

December 8, 2012

3:00 PM — Probably won’t have much on here in-game as I will on Twitter (mashmore98), but I wanted to at least have the lines laid out for you for each team…


Peca-C Jones-K Jones
Van Brabant/St. Denis/Samuels-Thomas







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