Post-Game Quotes: 9/16/2013, Rangers @ Devils

I went into the New York Rangers locker room after their 2-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils in their preseason opener. I spoke with Cam Talbot, Marc Staal, Michael Del Zotto and was in on the Danny Kristo scrum as well…

Cam Talbot spoke to The Trentonian after finishing up between the pipes for the New York Rangers on Monday (Photo: Mike Ashmore)

Cam Talbot spoke to The Trentonian after finishing up between the pipes for the New York Rangers on Monday (Photo: Mike Ashmore)

Cam Talbot: “Other than the goal against, it went pretty good.  I felt like I played my angles well, challenged the shooters and made some big saves.  I just looked the wrong way around the screen, and they just beat me on the shot.  I thought it went pretty well for me though.”

“Last season, coming in, I’d never been an established number one in the AHL, so I think last season might have been a bit of a stretch.  But after a full season under my belt as a starter in the ‘A,’ I feel like I’ve progressed a lot and improved a lot, and I’m just happy for the opportunity that they’re giving me.  I’m just going to try to make the best of it.”

“When you’ve got two established guys like that fighting for the goal as well, you’re always a little surprised when your name gets thrown in with the likes of them.  But to be honest, this is what I’ve been working towards, and I was hoping I’d get a chance like that.  I’m just going to try to make the best of it.”

“You can learn so much.  Just in the past three years, watching Hank and Marty and the way they carry themselves on and off the ice, it’s huge for me as a young goalie coming up from college and never having been to an NHL camp before.  So to learn from the best goalie in the world and a guy who’s been around for a while, it’s a great experience for me.”

Marc Staal: “(I felt) good, really good.  After the first few shifts under my belt, I felt comfortable and confident.  I feel really good.”

“I haven’t played in a game in a long time, not since the one I played in the playoffs there, so it’s good to get that first game experience and see what I’m up against.  After those first two shifts, I knew I was going to be fine.  I feel great.”

Michael Del Zotto: “I thought overall I made a couple good plays, but there’s some stuff I’d still like to work on.  But you’re going to deal with that any time it’s your first game back in a while.  Overall, I was happy.  Playing with Staalsie definitely makes the game easier.”

“I thought he was great.  Any time you play with a player like that, who is good in all zones and covers a lot of ice…and he talks a lot too, which makes the game that much easier…I think it was a good start for us, and we’re going to try to keep building chemistry.”

“I think you’re just trying to get your conditioning back and your timing back.  As I said, I felt like I made some good plays.  There were a couple mistakes, but that’s just getting your timing back.  It’ll come.”

Danny Kristo: “That’s obviously my goal, is to make the team out of training camp.”

“(About the deflection with a minute left) Six-on-five, we were buzzing pretty good there and had it set up.  Moorsey made a really good pass, and I just tried to tip in and redirect it.  I actually got a pretty good piece of it and redirected it to the other side of the net, but the goalie made a good save.”

“(About the goal) It was just kind of a scramble, and I think their D got caught up ice.  I heard Hrivo…I didn’t really see him, I just heard him going to the net, so I kind of threw a pass to the slot.  There was a little bit of a scramble, and then we put it in there.  It was good to cut the lead to one.”

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