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5FW Extra: Jamie Langenbrunner Quotes

January 19, 2014

I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with long-time NHL’er Jamie Langenbrunner for an exclusive story you can read in Monday’s Trentonian.  But here are some extra quotes that didn’t make the story.

On if the 2010 Team USA Captain will watch this year’s Olympics:

“I’ll definitely watch.  I have some friends on that team, and I’ll definitely cheer them on.  The Olympic tournament is very exciting and great hockey to watch.  It’s a great two weeks for hockey to showcase how great the game is.”

On his experience at the Olympics:

“I think while you’re there, you don’t really realize a lot of what’s going on.  You’re in your own little world and in a bubble in the village, so I was really focused on our team and what we were doing.  But when you come back – and I came back to New Jersey at the time – and you listen to the stories of people that were watching the games and the excitement, and then I came back home to Minnesota and heard those same things, it was great.  Everybody got really into it.  The other thing was just being in the Olympic village, it was really a neat experience to be with the other athletes and get to hang out with some of them and meet them.  That was a really neat experience.”

On who he got to meet while there that stands out:

“In 2010, I’d already met him, but the guy that blew me away with how gracious he is and how good a guy he is was Wayne Gretzky.  We were in the USA house in Vancouver, and he happened to be there, and I won’t forget how gracious he was with my kids.  It was amazing.”

On his initial reaction to getting traded to the Devils:

“I think like any outsider coming in, you flew into Newark and stayed out in Secaucus and you went to the game, so I didn’t really know a lot about New Jersey.  So the initial one was a little bit of, not necessarily disappointment for going there, but disappointment for getting traded.  It was an adjustment at first, but then you get there and you see what a well-run organization it is and what a special place it is and how beautiful a place it is.  It became home for my family and I, and I loved playing there and being a part of that organization.”

On the Rangers-Devils rivalry:

“It was a little different for me, because coming from Dallas we didn’t really have that natural rival.  It was a unique experience for me in that regard.  I found it really odd.  I’m living in New Jersey and my neighbors are Rangers fans.  It was, I don’t want to say frustrating, but your team is having all this success and we were fortunate in my time there that we were winning and they were not, so we had that on them, but it was a unique thing and something that is exciting and frustrating in the same regard as a player, because your neighbors and friends are some of the biggest Rangers fans.”

On his post-retirement plans:

“I’ve been kind of fishing around and seeing what opportunities are out there.  I’m going to keep on looking to find something that makes sense for what I want to do…I’m not 100 percent certain what I want to do, but I’m enjoying spending time with my kids and coaching pee-wee hockey.  We’ll see what the future brings.”

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